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Golden Chakra

Download the Yoga Humans Sequencing Guide

This free 44-page booklet covers everything from the principles of sequencing, to various types of yoga flows, to topics like time management and memorization. 

Short, stackable creative yoga sequences that you can add into your class or practice. Each sequence is 10 postures or movements. For more information on how to stack sequences, check out our sequencing post.

Dancing On My Own

This sequence is perfect for getting your body moving and your energy flowing. You'll move through a series of dynamic poses that will help you build strength, flexibility, and coordination while having fun.

Legs, Hips,

Level 2

Up Then Down

This flow will build heat in the legs, while you move in and out of interesting squat variations!

Legs, Core

Level 1, Level 2

Dancing Queen

This mini flow is designed to open the muscles needed to support your fullest expression of Dancer's Pose (Natarajasana). Luxuriate-in and stretch the hamstrings, quads and hip flexors in this flow!

Hamstrings, Glutes, Legs, Quads

Level 2

Full-Body Mobility

This strong flow focuses on dynamic movements hitting everything from shoulders, to hips, to lower body.

Hips, Shoulders, Hamstrings, Core

Level 2, Level 3

Bind & Balance

Build heat to encourage opening before moving into binds that lead you to fun balancing shapes. This advanced flow is fun to play with and fall out of!

Twists, Core, Balance, Legs

Level 3

Strengthen & Stretch

This slow flow is all about systematically strengthening then stretching the major muscles in the hips. Feel free to spend time in each pose and repeat each movement.

Hips, Core

Level 1, Level 2

Movement Play

This mini-flow explores a range of twists, lunges, and balancing shapes. A great addition to add to any practice, you can move through this flow slowly to build heat, or quickly to experience it as a dance!

Twists, Core, Hips, Balance

Level 2, Level 3

All Around Hips and Legs

This little hip sequence plays with facing the back of the mat as you move through various lunges to open up the hip flexors, glutes, adductors, and hamstrings.

Hips, Hamstrings

Level 1, Level 2

Balance Challenge

Balancing poses in yoga are extremely meditative, and link them together and they can be quite the challenge, too! Test your balance in this funky flow!

Balance, Strength, Legs, Core, Hips

Level 1, Level 2

"Super Human" Strength

This strength building yoga sequence focuses on full-body movements that build power and stability in the core, hips, and upper body. Join us to get sweaty and feel like a super human!

Core, Hips, Chest, Shoulders

Level 3

Let the Firefly Fly

This flow prepares the body to safely access Firefly (Titibasana). Work the hips, hamstrings, shoulders and wrists. Move through a progressive series of arm balances and then fly into your Firefly!

Hamstrings, Shoulders, Wrists, Core

Level 3

The Complete YH Wrist Warm-Up

This yoga warm up sequence moves through every position of the wrist joint, while peppering in compression and weight bearing to effectively prepare the wrists for any practice.

Mobility, Flexibility, Arms

Level 1

Powerful Movements

This yoga sequence explores classic postures that build power and strength! Interesting transitions and longer holds make this mini-flow a heat-builder!

Core, Strength, Twists

Level 2

Relax and Unwind

This gentle yoga sequence focuses on the lower body. It's Kyle's go-to cool down in his home practice.

Hamstrings, Hips, Flexibility

Level 1, Level 2

Mandala Magic

This mandala flow builds on classic postures, but pairs them together in a way that will have you moving around your mat. Build heat and have fun with this sequence.

Strength, Hips, Quads

Level 1

Birds of a Feather

This birds of paradise yoga sequence seamlessly moves you through a series of balancing postures. Embrace heat, fluidity and challenge in these postures.

Hips, Hamstrings, Balance, Shoulders, Strength, Core, Arms

Level 3

Twist and Heat

This yoga twist sequence will fire up the core with it's strength-based movements and refresh the spine through rotating motions.

Core, Arms, Strength, Shoulders, Glutes

Level 2

Exploring Space

A fun yoga flow that will have you moving your body in all sorts of new angles and directions.

Back, Hips, Shoulders, Core

Level 2

Grounded Airplane

This fun and dynamic balancing yoga sequence was inspired by the pose Grounded Airplane. It will turn you around on the mat while engaging the core and testing balance.

Hips, Hamstrings, Quads, Balance, Strength, Twists

Level 2

Dreamy Descent

Don't let this cool down fool you, there's some strength involved! Enjoy stretches for your legs and hips, even as you find a bit of core engagement and play with transitions.

Hips, Hip Flexors, Hamstrings

Level 2

Fluid Strength

This strong flow will work your arms, legs, core and balance! Fluidly move in and out of fun balancing and standing postures.

Legs, Core, Balance, Arms

Level 2

All In The Hips

Like any dance, this moving sequence is all about the hips. These dynamic movements will build mobility, flexibility, and strength in the lower body.

Hips, Hamstrings, Quads, Balance

Level 2

Leg Launch

This flow will challenge your legs through squats, balancing poses, and lunges. Have fun and strengthen as you launch through this sequence.

Balance, Legs, Hips

Level 2

Reverse the Workday

This gentle flow is meant to work out some of the tension in the shoulders that accumulates after a long day of sitting or working on the computer.


Level 1

Full Belly Flow

Indulge too much? Full belly? We know the feeling! Move very slowly through these digestion-supporting poses. These poses are also a great way to close a yoga practice, no matter the fullness of your belly!

Spine, Hamstrings, Shoulders

Level 1

Chair Yoga

These stretches are easy movements to do at your desk to relax the neck, shoulders, and hips during the work day. Feel free to do them in order or individually based on your needs.

Legs, Hips, Shoulders, Neck

Level 1

The Heart and the Hips

This mini-flow is great as a final sequence before heading to your back during a yoga class. Work into the hips with some yummy stretches and open your heart to the sky in gratitude.

Hips, Heart Openers, Backbends, Core, Hamstrings

Level 2, Level 3

Hands Free Jubilee

This mini-flow practices the graceful art of moving from standing to seated without the use of your hands. Return to your childhood movement patterns with this functional flow!

Hips, Core, Balance, Mobility

Level 2, Level 3

Active Reset

This mini-flow melds strong poses with softer, relaxing postures. A perfect mini-flow to use as a reset in the middle of a strong vinyasa practice!

Hips, Hamstrings, Strength, Relaxation

Level 2, Level 3

Head to Toe Yin

This yin yoga sequence touches on a bit of everything moving from the feet up through the shoulders. If you're unfamiliar with yin practice, look up the four principles of yin yoga before beginning.

Flexibility, Hamstrings, Calves, Shoulders, Feet

Level 1

Strong and Steady

This warrior sequence is filled with classics that are known and loved by many yoga practitioners. This strong and steady series of movements can be integrated into any practice.

Core, Hamstrings, Quads, Twists

Level 1

The Windmill

This playful balance and shoulder-focused yoga sequence explores binding while moving through standing postures.

Hips, Shoulders, Balance, Hamstrings

Level 2, Level 3

Strong Legs, Happy Hips

This intermediate yoga sequence focuses on strength in the legs and hips through creative movement. Challenge your strength, balance and endurance in this fun flow.

Hamstrings, Balance, Hips, Core

Level 2

Dynamic Stability

This yoga sequence for hips and core explores the idea of maintaining stability while moving through dynamic transitions.

Quads, Hips, Core, Balance, Mobility

Level 2, Level 3

Starting Slow and Steady

This gentle yoga sequence is the perfect way to start your practice. Begin with more gentle and restorative movement and gradually build heat.

Side Body, Back, Core, Spine

Level 1

Compress to Open

This core yoga sequence is focused on finding core compression and using that strength to deepen folds and twists.

Core, Hamstrings, Strength, Flexibility

Level 2

Functional Hip Strength and Flexibility

This hip opening sequence is great for mobility and flexibility, while also throwing in some strength and balancing.

Hips, Strength, Flexibility

Level 2

Let's Float

This mini-flow is a surprise challenge! Start out slow with some important stretches, but then lift and float into funky arm balances.

Legs, Arms, Strength, Arm Balance

Level 2, Level 3

Back Again

After a long hiatus, we're back! This mini-flow is a fun base sequence for any vinyasa class. Read the cue descriptions to seamlessly move from one posture into the next.

Legs, Hips, Glutes, Strength

Level 2

Yummy Yin

Spend time with this Yin-Inspired Flow for a full practice or use it as a cool down at the end of a heat-building class. Spend 3-5 minutes in each pose for a 60 minute class.

Legs, Backbends, Twists

Level 1

Lunge & Twist

This fun yoga flow builds strength and mobility in the hips. Try using it as a ladder where you introduce a few poses at a time, repeating the previous poses before each new set.

Hips, Twists

Level 2

Lower Body Love

With a dash of strength and a hint of twists, these movements stretch deeply into the lower half of your body: the hips, hamstrings and quads. Show yourself some love!

Quads, Hips, Hamstrings

Level 2

Happy Shoulders, Happy Back

This heart opening flow focuses on external shoulder rotation and strengthening the back body. Feel free to use it at the beginning or end of your next practice.

Shoulders, Back, Mobility

Level 1

Twisty Core Detox

This mini-flow is a heat builder! Designed around twisting movements and core engagement, this flow is a great one to sweat, detox, and strengthen.

Core, Twists, Back

Level 2, Level 3

New Perspectives

This balancing flow juxtaposes standing with inverted balancing to provide a little perspective and a lot of core engagement.

Balance, Hamstrings, Core

Level 2, Level 3

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment

This full-body flow requires you to be totally attune to the present moment. Pair it with our class theme: Present Moment, Wonderful Moment (read more on the class theme tab!)

Legs, Core, Balance, Hamstrings

Level 2, Level 3

Heart Salutation

This heart opening yoga sequence is a variation of a sun salutation that focuses on externally rotating the arms. Use it as a warm up or as part of your regular practice.

Shoulders, Core, Hips, Strength

Level 1, Level 2

Tiptoe Tango

This hatha yoga sequence melds together balance, movement and strength. Begin by moving through poses up on your tiptoes, then find strength-based standing & balancing postures.

Balance, Strength, Core

Level 2

Hip Flexin'

This yoga sequence focuses on opening hips from multiple angles, so that next time you're hip flexing, you can also be hip and flexin'. We end with a fun balance in Eight Angle Pose (Astavakrasana).

Hips, Hamstrings, Balance, Quads

Level 2, Level 3

Air Dancing

The fluid movements in this yoga flow move the body through the air in a series of challenging balancing postures, all the while focusing on the grounding needed to support the transitions.

Balance, Core, Hamstrings, Quads

Level 2

Rotating Around the Core

This core yoga sequence moves dynamically through postures that require strong core engagement to maintain balance, ending with side body opening and twists.

Core, Strength, Twists, Shoulders

Level 2

Classic Cool Down

This yoga cool down sequence is a classic way to wrap up your practice. It has everything you need to wind down the body and relax the mind.

Back, Hips, Hamstrings, Flexibility

Level 1

Foundational Arm Balance Flow

This fun yoga sequence moves through some foundational arm balances that can open the door to more advanced postures.

Shoulders, Balance, Core, Arms

Level 3

Unlocking the Shoulders

This shoulder opening yoga sequence focuses on Controlled Articular Rotations and Extended Side Angle variations.

Shoulders, Flexibility, Mobility

Level 1, Level 2

Awaken the Spine

A gentle yoga sequence to use at the start of your practice to warm up and awaken the spine.

Spine, Core, Mobility, Back

Level 1

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