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The Yoga Humans Sequencing Guide

As a yoga teacher, sequence creation is a weekly endeavor. Especially as a new teacher, it can be hard to figure out what turns a good sequence into a great sequence. Not only that, but how do you make sure it all stays safe and impactful? This why we've prepared a guide with all of our favorite approaches and suggestions for yoga sequencing. 

This 44-page guide is designed for anyone who wants to learn to create their own yoga classes, whether you're a new teacher, trying to cobble together one of your first flows, an experienced veteran looking for a refresher, or a practitioner hoping to go deeper into your own personal practice.

We'll review principles of sequencing, specific approaches to creating flows, and various class structures. We’ll also delve into topics such as the timing and proportions of a yoga class, accommodating requests, improvisation, and catering to multi-level students, so you can jump right in to creating new and innovative sequences.

As a welcome to our community, we're offering this guide for free to anyone who signs up for our monthly newsletter. If you'd like to join us, click below!

Yoga Anatomy Flashcards

For new and experienced yoga teachers alike, understanding all the different anatomical terms we hear thrown around can be a huge challenge. To help, we wanted to share with you all our flashcards, aimed at helping teachers learn some basic anatomical language and concepts. 

In these simple flashcards (with pictures), we cover basic descriptive terminology, important muscles, types of joints, types of contractions, and major reference points in the arms, hands, chest, shoulders, legs, pelvis, and spine.

While this isn't meant to be an anatomy course, we hope our flashcards will help you along your path towards more precise anatomical cueing.

Yoga Infographics

Many of you lovely Yoga Humans members are yoga teachers or advanced students, so these infographics aren't intended for your education, but rather to assist you in educating your students or friends, or to help you simply explain a common part of the yoga practice. 

These infographics can be downloaded and shared with anyone! 

We'd love to know what you find useful about these infographics, or if you'd like to see us feature a specific topic. Feel free to send us a message or comment on one of our pages! 

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