Yoga provides us with the unique opportunity for growth and exploration. Yoga Humans seeks to aid that exploration by providing knowledge and tools tailored specifically to new teachers and advancing practitioners. 

We invite you to explore learnings from our teaching experiences, build our mini-flows into your classes or home practice, flow to our curated playlists and reach out with any ideas on how we can grow with one another in practice.

Our Story

When they first met, Kyle stepped on Izzy’s foot in an awkward attempt at a hug. Needless to say, she was nervous about how the rest of the date would go. Luckily, it wasn’t long until they stumbled into conversation about yoga and the rest was history. Fast-forward two years, and that conversation remains on going as they continue to learn and grow together.

Izzy and Kyle appreciate the powerful potential yoga has to holistically improve lives and overall happiness. However, they've also noticed how many conflicting ideologies exist within the broader yoga community, whether beliefs are traditional, modern, athletic, meditative, Ayurvedic, commercial or anything in between. Izzy and Kyle realized there was benefit to be found in exploring and questioning many different approaches, and wanted to create a space to share and discuss what yoga can mean to each of us, free of judgment.


Yoga Humans is based on the belief that the beauty of yoga (like humans) is not one-size-fits-all.

So, welcome to our online community. A place designed for yoga practitioners and teachers. Where having all the answers is less important than simply being open to the questions that come up along the way. 

Yoga Humans is a space for creativity, exploration and conversation about what yoga is. Whether that means the artistry and creative expression that comes with building a sequence, or the knowledge and history that drives the practice. Yoga Humans is a place for questions, for wonderment, for experiments, for connection and, of course, for practice. 

So, welcome, humans

Whether you are a yoga-teaching-human, a yoga-practicing-human, or just a curious-human – you’ve come to the right place. 


We hope that this website will be less about content and more about collaboration. We know that to be a great yoga teacher, you need a community around you that can help support you. People who you can ask questions, seek feedback from, and connect with. We hope that Yoga Humans can be that place. Below you have the option to sign-up to be a member of this website. Your free membership allows you to access all of our downloadable content, leave comments on posts, and interact with others in the community, and will give you access to special offers like free yoga classes.


All humans are welcome here.

Izzy Martens

Izzy fell in love with yoga as a sixteen-year-old who was just trying to figure out how to feel good in her own skin. Over a decade of practice later and Izzy still looks to yoga for help with any and all of life's challenges. 

As a yoga teacher, Izzy loves to create interesting sequences and link storytelling into her classes. She encourages her students to embrace the physicality of the practice, while remembering the heart and history of the practice, too. 

Izzy works as a consultant and facilitator at a leadership development firm in Washington, D.C.. She has a background in creative nonfiction and posts her writing on the website Joke Life. Izzy tries to connect her other passions back to yoga, by leading mindfulness exercises in the corporate environments she works in or combining writing and yoga in workshops that she teaches in Washington, D.C.. 

Izzy fundamentally believes in yoga's ability to create a healthy mind, spirit and heart. 

Kyle Shrivastava

Kyle was first introduced to yoga while visiting family in India as child. As he grew up, yoga remained in the background of his other athletic pursuits such as soccer and martial arts. It wasn’t until joining the Peace Corps in Senegal, where yoga provided a profoundly needed physical and mental retreat, that his practice came center stage. 


In the following years, Kyle continued to study and grow, mainly with Hatha styles such as Power Yoga and vinyasa flow. Kyle did his yoga teacher training with Yoga District in Washington D.C., and hasn't stopped looking for new ways to learn about the practice since. 


Outside of the studio, Kyle is a program manager in the international peace building community. He has successfully facilitated dialogues and trainings around the world from West Africa to South East Asia, enabled by the same conflict sensitive and culturally informed communication techniques he sees as central to yoga teaching. He believes yoga is complimentary to (if not part of) peace building, due to its power to bring people together while promoting self-awareness and acceptance. Kyle holds a M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University and recently published his first book, Feral: Returning to the Wild, which ties together learnings from his experiences to provide a path towards community and self-discovery. 






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Yoga Humans seeks to create an empowering community of yoga practitioners that connects, informs and inspires.

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Meet Nimbus

A fluffy gray cat.

Nimbus is the real mastermind behind Yoga Humans. With his inscrutable eye for design and his "don't-hold-back" attitude towards giving feedback, Nimbus is a crucial member of the Yoga Humans team. Nimbus often looks on in wonderment as his humans roll out their mats and move around in (sometimes frightening) postures. Nimbus has perfected the "down dog" pose, though he resents the name and thinks the yoga community should consider changing it.