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Welcome, Humans

Mini-Flows are short, stackable sequences that you can use in your studio classes or home practice! 

Dreamy Descent

Dreamy Descent

Level 2

Don't let this cool down fool you, there's some strength involved! Enjoy stretches for your legs and hips, even as you find a bit of core engagement and play with transitions.

Let's Float

Let's Float

Level 2, Level 3

This mini-flow is a surprise challenge! Start out slow with some important stretches, but then lift and float into funky arm balances.

Up Then Down

Up Then Down

Level 1, Level 2

This flow will build heat in the legs, while you move in and out of interesting squat variations!

Izzy Martens and Kyle Shrivastava are the humans behind Yoga Humans. Both 200 Hr RYTs currently based in Fort Collins, CO, they created Yoga Humans as a way to share resources, tips and inspiration with other students and teachers.

Izzy loves creating creative yoga classes that flow along to a great playlist. Kyle loves incorporating knowledge of anatomy and mobility into his classes so student can learn to move better in all settings. Between the two of them, you can find a little something for everyone. 

When not practicing yoga, Izzy and Kyle enjoy playing with their two kittens, Moose and Meeko, and finding new outdoor adventures. 

To read more about the Yoga Humans story and find their individual bios, just click the button below. 

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