Grounded Airplane
Hips, Hamstrings, Quads, Balance, Strength, Twists

This fun and dynamic balancing yoga sequence was inspired by the pose Grounded Airplane. It will turn you around on the mat while engaging the core and testing balance.

High Crescent Lunge (Anjayneasana)

In your high lunge, the right foot is forward and the left foot is at the back of the mat. Bend deeply into your right knee, until you find a 90 degree bend, come onto the ball of your left foot and straighten the left leg. Lift your arms up to the sky and knit your low ribs in. Keep your hips square to the front of the mat and soften your shoulders.

One Legged Mountain Pose (Eka Pada Tadasana)

Step forward and stand on your right leg, while carefully bringing your left knee into your chest, standing tall. Root down through your root foot and engage the muscles in your right thigh. Bring your left thigh parallel with the earth and flex the left foot. Square your hips and pick a steady point for your gaze.

Bring your left ankle on top of your right thigh and begin to bend into the right knee. Open your left knee out to the side and sit even deeper, bending slightly at the hips. Keep flexing into the left foot to protect the knee and find a proud chest. Bring your hands to heart center.

Standing Figure Four (Ardha Utkatasana)

Crescent Lunge Twist (Utthita Parivrtta Anjaneyasana)

Carefully lift out of your figure four and bring the left knee back into the chest. From there, step your left foot to the back of the mat and rebend into the right knee, finding your high lunge. Your right arm will extend backwards and your left arm will extend forward, twisting from your mid-belly. Keep your torso stacked over your hips. Your gaze can go backwards.

Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana)

Open to the opposite side of your mat, your left foot is parallel to the back edge of the mat, with the knife-edge of the foot pressing firmly down. Your chest and hips are open to the left side of the mat and you maintain the 90 degree bend in your right knee. From there, drop your left hand down to your left thigh, and sweep your right arm up and back. Keep the deep bend in your front knee as you breathe into the right side of your body.

Side Lunge (Skandasana)

Straighten your right leg and bend into your left knee, lowering your hips towards the ground. You can stay lifted on the left ball of the foot, or plant the left foot into the ground. Right toes point up to the sky. Bring your hands to heart center and find a tall spine.

Grounded Airplane (Virahbardrahsana III Variation)

Pivot over the left leg, so you are facing the back of your mat. Bring your fingertips forward, as you straighten into your left leg and lift your right leg off the ground. Your chest is lifted and your right leg is parallel with the ground. Maintain a strong core here and engage both the standing leg and the lifted leg.

Shiva Squat

Bend into your standing left leg and begin to tuck your right knee behind your left knee, coming into your squat. Keep your fingers tips on the ground for balance, or choose to bring your hands to heart center for an added challenge! Keep belly pulled into spine and right heel pulls up to the seat.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

From your Shiva Squat, keep your knees as they are, but begin to sink low, eventually bring both sitz bones down to the earth. Your left knee is pointing up to the sky, with your right knee tucked under and the side of the right leg resting on the ground. Twist your body to the left. Bring your left finger tips on the ground by your left hip, and hook your right elbow on the outside of the left knee.

Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

Untwist and plant both hands and plant them on your in front of you, parallel to the short edge of your mat. Coming up the way you went in, step into your left leg and begin to lift off the ground. Carefully, step your right foot to the back of your mat and open your hips parallel to the long-edge of your mat. Point your toes out and your heels in. Bend in the knees and sink hips so they are in line with knees, thighs are parallel to the ground. Spine is straight and arms find goal post shape or hands to heart center.

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