Air Dancing
Balance, Core, Hamstrings, Quads

The fluid movements in this yoga flow move the body through the air in a series of challenging balancing postures, all the while focusing on the grounding needed to support the transitions.

High Crescent (Anjaneysana)

Start in High Lunge on your right side. Your right foot is forward, with a 90 degree bend in the leg. Your left foot is at the back of the mat, with the ball of your left foot pressing firmly into the ground. Your left thigh is strong and engaged. Your arms are up by your ears and your fingertips are energized. Ensure your hips are square to the front of the mat and pull your low ribs in towards one another.

High Crescent with Cactus Arms (Anjaneyasana Variation)

Maintaining the lunge in your legs, begin to bend at the elbows until your arms make a goal-post shape. As you do this, draw your shoulder blades together and find a slight backbend. Keep engagement through the legs and core.

Releasing the backbend, circle your arms down and around. Step into your right leg, shift your torso forward and begin to lift the left foot off of the mat. Reach your arms in front of you as you bring your torso and left leg parallel to the ground. Stand strongly into the right leg and ensure your hips are square with the ground.

Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

Warrior III Variation (Virabhadrasana III Variation)

Begin to slowly bend into the right standing leg. As you do this, you will bring your left knee into your chest and bend your elbows, so knee and elbows meet. Round the upper back. You can move in and out of this motion from warrior III a few times if you’d like to.

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

Gently release your left foot back down to the backend of the mat into a warrior II shape. You left foot will ground down to the mat, so that the knife edge of the foot is pressing firmly into the ground. Find that 90 degree bend in your right knee and open your hips up to the longe-edge of your mat. Extend your arms wide and gaze over your right middle finger.

Sky Archer

Straighten your right leg and reach up and back with your right arm. With your left fingers, wrap around your right wrist to deepen your stretch. You are creating a long line of energy from your right big toe all the way up through your right finger tips.

Triangle (Trikonasana)

Keep your legs as they are, as you begin to pull your left hip back and reach your right fingers tips forward, bringing the right side of your body parallel with your mat. Bring your right fingers down to your right shin and reach your left arm straight up to the sky, stacking your shoulders. Keep pulling the right hip under and the left hip back. Gaze can be up or down.

Half Moon (Ardha Chandrāsana)

Gaze down at your right big toe. Place your right fingers onto the ground and stand into your right leg. Lift your left leg off of the ground, keeping your hips open. Your torso and left leg will be parallel to the ground. Stay strong in both legs and flex your left toes. Stay with your right fingers on the ground, or practice lifting the fingers off the floor.

Bound Half Moon Variation (Baddha Ardha Chandrāsana)

Begin to bend your lifted left leg, bringing your left heel in towards your seat. Reach back with your left hand and grab the top of your left foot. Option to kick your foot into your hand to deepen this back bend.

Dancer (Natarajasana)

While still holding onto your left foot, engage the core and begin to square your hips down to the ground. As you do this, lift the torso slightly and reach forward with your right hand, coming into dancer pose. Kick into your left foot as you reach forward with the right finger tips. You can release this shape into a forward fold, before moving into the other side.

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